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A light-hearted, yet insightful podcast where we give voice and honor to the older generation. 

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What the listeners are saying...

Inspiration - not guilt!

"Listening to Isabel talk about loving our older, aging parents is encouraging and inspiring...After listening to her I feel inspired to love my parents more- not guilty for not doing a better job."

Valuable perspective

"As a new grandparent I really appreciate the advice to be intentional about spending time with grandkids and not letting the time slip by."

A Must-listen! 

"I adore Isabel's podcast!...This is a must listen!"

Encouraging and empowering!

"It is one thing to encourage others to care well for their elders. It is quite another to joyfully empower them to love and care for their elders...Isabel's love and insight into the older generation isn't just helpful, it's contagious."