Ep 55: Making Grandparent Time Fun This Summer with Author Roxy Wiley

grandparent podcast Jun 01, 2023



Will your kids be spending time with grandparents this summer? Listen to this interview with author of DIY Camp Grandma, Roxy Wiley, to get tips to making grandparent time more fun!



  • The goal of camp is FUN!
  • What age limits would you set on planning Camp Grandma? 
  • What happened when she had one grandson among many granddaughters? 
  • Find a theme that incorporates what you love to do! 
  • Roxy talks about how she uses her love language of gift giving to make camp fun.  
  • What advice does Roxy give now that her grandkids are older?


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Today’s intro was done by Bea, a friend of mine who taught me how to make tasty cakes. Still have the recipe.


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