Ep 53: Erasing Shame as an Asian American with DJ Chuang

asian podcast May 12, 2023
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Today DJ Chuang tells how he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and openly shares about his mental health journey as an Asian American male. 

DJ Chuang works as a digital strategy consultant and is Director of Christian Asian Mental Health (camh.network) to advance compassion and care in Asian American churches for everyone. He co-hosts the Erasing Shame podcast (erasingshame.com and graduated from Virginia Tech. He blogs at djchuang.com and lives in Orange County, California.


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Highlights from today's episode:

  • Listen to DJ's story of how he discovered he had bipolar disorder
  • DJ shares what he needs to manage his mental health 
  • We talk about the cost of therapy and what DJ thinks is less important than therapy. 
  • When did DJ start telling people about his bipolar disorder and how did he share it with his family




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