Ep 18: Loving our grandparents and parents with FOOD

food grandparents podcast Dec 09, 2021
Ep 18: Loving our grandparents and parents with FOOD

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Just say FOOD and the people will come. I think we all know that there are actually SIX love languages out there and the 6th one…it cannot be forgotten. If perhaps your parent or grandparent isn’t fazed by the gifts or the compliments you’ve been giving.. well, then I’m glad you’re here because today you may have found your secret weapon. FOOD my friends is the way to warm your grandparent or parent up.. it will be the way to reach their heart and get the message through that you CARE. OKAY.. episode 18 is one to remember.


Today I'm featuring some of the members from WinterGrowth Adult Day Program! Check out Episode 12 - The Five Love Languages + Receiving Gifts when they were also featured!

  • How we can use food as a great topic for conversation.
  • How we can bless with food.

Resources mentioned:

  • Winter Growth Adult Day Program (located in Columbia and Olney, MD). Adult Daycare is a service that engages and provides rich social connections for those who may need assistance or supervision during the day.
  • To find out more about adult day centers, visit eldercare.acl.gov/public/resources/factsheets/adult_day_care.aspx.
  • The Silver Post (a product I'm now an affiliate for!). Buy a year subscription for $45 and check out what I think they're awesome.
  • Read The Value of Wrinkles by Isabel Tom


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