Ep 42: The Benefits of Starting a Caregiving Ministry First

church podcast Feb 24, 2023

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Today's episode is the last in this series. Check out episodes 39, 40, and 41 to hear the first three episodes specifically made for church who want to focus more on serving the older generation. 


What is a caregiving ministry? In this episode, caregiving ministry refers to ministries that serve those are caring for older loved ones. What are the benefits of starting a caregiving ministry first? Greater impact and teaching people how to love their own family Building connections and stronger community  Supporting a wide range of people 

Resources mentioned:

  • Other episodes in this church series - Episodes 39-42: valueofwrinkles.com/listen
  • The Five Love Languages series (Listen to episodes 8,10, 12, 14, 16)
  • Sign up for church newsletter to hear about upcoming virtual info meeting and discover other resources or tips to building a culture of care for the older generation valueofwrinkles.com/church 
  • Learn more about the Prepare to Care video-based training for churches 
  • Churches can get a two-week trial to consider this resource for their church https://www.valueofwrinkles.com/prepare-to-care-church 


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