Ep 40: 3 Resources Available to Help Your Church Create a Culture of Care for the Older Generation

church podcast Feb 09, 2023

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If you are looking to serve senior adults in your church, there are number of ways to do this! In this episode, we'll discuss three resources you should utilize to help expand and improve the ways you reach out to churches.

Here are 3 resources to start using now to help your church create a culture of care for the older generation:

1. Legacy Coalition Offers support for grandparents to have a greater spiritual impact on their families

Sign up for their Grand Monday night webinars, which reaches 10,000+ grandparents worldwide!

On March 6th, I will be their Grand Monday night guest!

2. Prepare to Care – Offers support to caregivers and families who are caring for an older loved one

This is created by Isabel Tom, a caregiver/senior care professional and it allows:
- Ability to host groups (leader guide for a 5 week group)
- Ability for individuals to use it themselves
- Can be utilized to connect with community members who are caregivers
- Group discount plans for churches**

3. The Value of Wrinkles Newsletter Exclusively for Churches – Find out about virtual meetings, new resources and get support this year on how to help your church to serve the older generation more in 2023.

Sign up for the newsletter at valueofwrinkles.com/church

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