Ep 32: How You as Grandkid Can be a Mood Booster

grandchild podcast Dec 15, 2022
grandkid mood booster



How can you support your parent who is a caregiver for your grandparent? As a grandkid, you may feel like you can't do anything but standby and watch, but there's actually SO MUCH you can do!

In today's episode, I'll try with you some ideas on how you can improve the quality of life for your entire family, both parent and grandparent. 


  • Why it's important to be a mood booster (1:34)
  • Treat your parent well (3:05)
  • Be another person your grandparent spends time with (4:55)
  • Help them connect with their siblings or friends (6:07)
  • Check in regularly. Say "good morning! (7:17)
  • One way to brighten the day of your grandparent all year long! (8:43)

Resources mentioned:

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