Ep 21: Betty Mills, 79, Clean During Commercials

guest podcast Mar 31, 2022
cleaning wisdom

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You get to meet Betty Mills and learn about the things she enjoys doing.
Betty tell us she doesn’t really care about housekeeping anymore.
Hear how Betty’s family ended up getting a TV (it has to do with royalty!)

Get two practical tips about cleaning:

1. Clean during the commercials

2. Learn to clean thoroughly

Resources mentioned:

  • Prepare to Care Digital Course (Introductory Rate still available)
  • The Value of Wrinkles episode 2 - How to Amplify the Voice of an Older Person in Your Life

What you can do:
Ask your parents and grandparents questions. Jog their memories. When you hear their story, you give them a voice! Check out Episode 2 for more on how to amplify the voice of an older person.

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