Ep 49: Grandma Joy's Road Trip & How to Bring Your Grandparent on an Outdoor Adventure

grandchild podcast Apr 17, 2023
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Today I discussed with Brad and Grandma Joy how we can help older adults have more opportunities to experience nature. They have now visited 62 out of 63 national parks and in this episode share tips on how old and young can enjoy the outdoors together.

Today's interview is very different than any others that Grandma Joy and Brad have done. We're getting practical and showing YOU how you can bring your grandparent on an outdoor adventure. 


  • What equipment you can use for camping? What did Grandma Joy and Brad use the first time they went camping?
  • Grandma Joy’s first camping experience and what that was like. How old was Grandma Joy when she climbed her first mountain and went camping? 
  • How the National Parks has handicap accessible campsites and ways to enjoy the National Parks
  • How you don't even have to get out of a car to see the National Parks 
  • Listen to some of Grandma Joy and Brad's adventures from camping, hiking, sights, and even white water rafting. 
  • What accessories and equipment should you use for hiking? 

Resources mentioned:

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Intro done by: Nevin, 86 

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