Ep 48: A New Intergenerational Activity that is TRULY Fun

intergenerational podcast Apr 06, 2023

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I have had a ton of parents ask me how they can get their child to connect with the grandparents. In today's episode, I'm introducing a fun, educational, and meaningful intergenerational activity that grandchildren can do with their grandparents or that can be used just to build better relationships between the old and young.



  • Madlibs with a twist
  • Three reasons why you'll love Fill-in-the-blanks Fun
  • Where you can get it


Resources mentioned:

  • Get Fill-in-the-Blanks Fun for $3.97 at https://www.valueofwrinkles.com/store.

  • Get an annual Silver Post subscription to connect with grandparents who are long distance for $45. Use coupon code "ISABEL" to get $5 off your annual subscription!

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