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Isabel uses her story and experience to encourage children, teens, college students, parents, and grandparents!

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Isabel has been featured in national and local television & radio broadcasts

Isabel brings a unique and refreshing perspective:

  • as an Asian American
  • as a grandchild who grew up in a multi-generational household
  • as a mom who wants to help her kids connect with the older generation
  • as a follower of Jesus
  • as a caregiver for her grandparents and Dad
  • as a senior care professional

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"Isabel was extremely passionate in her message and was able to bring a realization about our aging and younger populations being able to connect on several different levels.  I would highly recommend her as a speaker to  healthcare professionals, families, and anyone in the healthcare community!" 

Lauren Hickey, President of Senior Provider Network of Carroll County

"I have not stopped thinking and benefiting from Isabel's wisdom and training.  I shared her book and website with multiple friends over the weekend.  As I shared my new insights, I found friends around the table listening intently and nodding their heads. I feel like I've hit the jackpot. Not to mention I paid attention to the aging people at this party and spent time being present with them and not just my friend/peer group. Such a gift!"

Julie Pratt, MS, LCPC, Centrepoint Counseling

"Isabel's lively, simple conversation and outlook resonated with the youth participants of the webinar, and received many comments on how energizing, life affirming, and totally inspiring her session was."

Dr. Mayanka Gupta, Exec Member of AIWEFA & Asst. Prof, Lady Irwin College, Univ of Delhi


"I loved having Isabel as a speaker because she is so open with her story and articulate about the science behind her suggestions."

Patricia Dubroof, Director of Community Relations at Assisted Hands Home Care 

"Isabel offered her valuable perspective on palliative principles in the Asian American community, speaking eloquently about both her work and family experiences that have given her unique insight on death and dying. Her humor and compassion were evident throughout, and she recounted the process of losing loved ones with grace and humility... Medical students and professionals, particularly those interested in care for the elderly and palliative medicine, would be lucky to learn from her.

Nina Afsar, George Washington University Medical Student 2024

(Geriatric and Palliative Care Interest Group) 

Most Requested Topics 

The Value of Wrinkles (for all audiences)

Hear Isabel share how her personal and professional experiences with older adults helped her go from grumbling to being grateful for the older people in her life. This talk is both uplifting, fun, and encouraging for all audiences alike. 

Your Super Power (for kids, teens, & young adults)

With little effort, the younger generation have a super special ability to bless the older people in their lives! This talk can help children, teens, and young adults uncover real and practical ways to change the world one older friend/grandparent at a time.

Helping Our Kids Appreciate & Connect with the Older Generation (for parents)

From her experience as a longtime grandchild, parent, and senior care professional, Isabel shares strategies and examples of how do develop better intergenerational relationships, both in our families and in other environments. 

Serving Asian American Families in the Senior Care Space (for professionals)

The Pew Research Center reports that the Asian-American population is the fastest growing population in the United States. Health professionals will leave this seminar with new insight and tips on how to offer care that is more culturally appropriate. 

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