Do your kids get bored when they're with their grandparents?

Do you wish you had a simple and fun way to help them connect?

It's TIME for your kids to uncover the adventures THEIR GRANDPARENTS have been on. 

a simple (and fun!) way to spark meaningful intergenerational connection  

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Here's how the

Grandkid Investigator Kit works: 

What parents loved

about the Grandkid Investigator Experience:

Cynthia, parent

"It increased more meaningful conversations between grandkid and grandparent (and me, in the middle!)"

Keri, parent

"Loved that they were interested in asking questions of their grandparents & I liked that it seemed a lot at first to ask all 6 grandparents, but that they really enjoyed it by the end!"

Nancy, parent

"It gave [my daughter] something concrete and specific to engage in conversation with my mom."

Ashley, parent

"Thanks for teaching the girls about ways to continue enjoying time with their grandparents! This was a really great idea and I’m glad they participated."

Buy Now for $57 (launch offer)

What kids loved about the Grandkid Investigator Experience:

Agent 340 (age 9)
"The prizes were really good. I also liked the missions."

Agent Soccer (age 11)

"interacting with grandparents"

Agent 316 (age 13)
"Getting to know my grandparents better."
Ally (age 12)
"how you made it seem like we were actual spies"

What's inside the Grandkid Investigator Kit?

  •  a year's worth of missions to challenge kids of all ages to investigate and learn more about their grandparents
  • "5 Keys to Spark Intergenerational Connection" video to help parents make the GKI experience more effective
  • resources to create more of an “investigator” experience 
  • a list of prize suggestions to keep investigators motivated
  •  ...and an opportunity to help children improve the social skills needed to connect with older adults (and anyone else!)

That's pretty convincing, isn't it?

Buy Now for $57 (launch offer)

What grandparents loved about the Grandkid Investigator Experience:

Grandma of 3

"It really promotes an easy way to connect with your grandchildren in a very low-key way. It’s quite an exciting exchange with your grandchildren because grandparents may wonder how I can open a conversation with my grandchild.

Proud Grandfather of 3 

"Now they all know more about how their grandparents lived which they really didn't know before. These activities were both fun and informative."

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The Grandkid Investigator Family Kit

Made by a busy mom. With the help of her creative kids.


Buy Now for $57 (launch offer)

Meet the Creator of the Grandkid Investigator Kit 

Hi! I'm Isabel Tom and I have thick glasses, love munchies more than meals, and have a need for fresh air, friends, and fun. I'm a retired grandchild, wife to Kevin, mom of three super creative kids, and a blessed child of God. I'm also the author of The Value of Wrinkles: a young perspective on how loving the old will change your life. 

Learn how the Grandkid Investigator Group Kit can be used in a senior living communities, faith communities, schools, and more. 

Interested in using the GKI GROUP KIT? Contact us HERE

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you use this if the grandparents are long distance?

With the use of modern technology, these missions can absolutely be completed virtually or over the phone. When everyone is blessed with a chance to gather together in person, you'll see that interactions from GKI missions make a positive impact on your family relationships.  

What age is this intended for?

We know that grandparents are flattered when their grandchildren ask them questions so we believe that this kit will be great for grandkids that are ANY age. 

If we had to name an age, we'd say this is ideal for school-aged children and teenagers. Grandchildren in preschool would enjoy this for sure, but to complete challenges, adult involvement may be needed.

Show your kids their grandparents are more than birthday gifts & babysitting.

It's time to start investigating.

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