Are you looking for ways to help your kids connect with their grandparents?

It's a challenge!

Your kids want to do something FUN and engaging.

Your parents want to spend time with your kids, but they aren't into tag or playing video games.

How can you please everyone?

Now, it's possible with Fill-in-the-blanks Fun!


This is a downloadable/printable product and can used over and over!

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Fill-in-the blanks Fun is an intergenerational activity that is FUN and ENGAGING!  

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How does Fill-in-the-blanks engage all ages?? 

1. It gives kids (and their grandparents) the chance to be silly.

2. It offers grandparents the opportunity to share their story.

I want this now!

So, how does Fill-in-the-blanks Fun work? 


Purchase Fill-in-the-blanks Fun and print it out. 


Write the silly story together.

"Tell me a noun."

"Think of an adjective." 


Find out the REAL story. 

"REALLY? You didn't have a bathroom in your house?"

"Did you have your own room Grandma?"

"What happened to your home when you were little?"

Get this intergenerational activity NOW!

(multi-use license available for organizations, senior care communities, and groups HERE)
Buy NOW for $4.97!

Frequently Asked Questions

Buy NOW for $4.97!