April 4

LEARNING FROM OTHER MINISTRIES: An Interview with Faith Community Nurse Marilee Tollefson

May 2

What do the Youth Have to Do with the Older Generation? 

Join with other Christians/ministry leaders who want to support caregivers/older adults in their congregations.

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held the 1st Thursday of every month

Hosted by Isabel Tom, author of The Value of Wrinkles, and Rebekah Dowhy, President of the Caregiving Support Network 

Who is this monthly meetup for?

ministry leaders, faith community nurses, pastors, and Christians who want support as they serve the older generation, the sick, the disabled, and caregivers in their church 

Thursday, April 4th at 12:00pm EST (VIRTUAL) 
Thursday, May 2nd at 12:00pm EST (VIRTUAL) 
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Join with Christians/ministry leaders to:

  • gain spiritual encouragement and reminders as you care for the older adults and caregivers in your church
  • find community and support from others who have the same mission
  • brainstorm and network with other believers on how to serve those in your congregation and community
  • learn about new ways you can serve older adults and caregivers/care partners in your church and local community 

Hosted by

Isabel Tom

Isabel is the author of The Value of Wrinkles (Moody Publishers, 2020) and took part in caring for her grandparents and father until the end of their lives. Isabel creates practical resources to help churches and families honor their older loved ones.

Read her call to churches (How Loving the Old Will Change Your Church) HERE.

Rebekah Dowhy

Rebekah Dowdy is the President of the Caregiving Support Network. After years of caring for her mother, eventually seeing her home to heaven, Rebekah founded the Caregiving Support Network to provide caregivers with Christ-centered respite, community, and encouragement.

To hear more about Rebekah's story and her heart for caregivers, listen to her interview on the Joni & Friends podcast HERE