People inside (and outside) your church want to honor and care for their older loved ones. But they're struggling.

Now there's a way to help.


What others are saying:

Julie Pratt, MS, LCPC

Centrepoint Counseling, Inc.

"Isabel's voice echoed in my mind as I realized that, we as a human race very much avoid but so very much need help to navigate the aging stage of life. I feel equipped and even excited to be PRESENT for my aging loved ones and to help others do the same."

Adult child

"Thank you for your video training which prompted me to realize I've been treating my aging parents like projects rather than people. Talk about piercing my heart and convicting me! Just want to let you know I'm loving your training materials."

Pastor Colin Seager

Derwood Bible Church

"This is so good. I watched the first unit tonight and am resisting the temptation to watch it all the way through only to feel like I'm drinking from a fire hydrant
Isabel does a fantastic job of weaving personal experience (brings us in), research and specific ideas, warm engagement, positive reinforcement, and conveying a sense of urgency/importance to not wait until it's too late to establish the underlying relationship with our aging parents. 
This is a fantastic expression of the faith God commends, in line with caring for widows and orphans. It's an aspect sorely missing in the fabric of Western culture. I've found it's hit or miss - some do it well, others strike out. This is so helpful and edifying for people to engage."
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What your faith community gets:

Multi-use license for support groups or hosted events 

Invite your congregation or community members for a four-week support group using the video content provided. 

Host this group as many times as you'd like!

Short video devotionals & answers to common questions

Use the short videos/devotionals in our Q+A library as conversation starters for future group meetings. Or find answers to questions caregivers may ask about. 

A simple discussion guide to get people talking

After purchasing this for your faith community, you will receive a printable + downloadable discussion guide. It includes  questions so you can lead a 4-week group. One with plenty of meaningful conversation!

The Prepare to Care Digital Course features:

A special video message to send to older loved ones

Because sometimes it helps when someone else can initiate the conversation.

Over 15 short videos in bite-size pieces

This course uses simple everyday language so you can quickly understand what you need to do. Made for those with a busy schedule (or just a short attention span!) 

A workbook that can be downloaded and printed

This workbook helps you understand the content so you can actually apply it to real life. 

Get a two-week trial.

You may be wondering. What is inside the Prepare to Course?

Get a sneak-peak of the course and see for yourself the practical content it offers. 

*Consults can requested in addition to the trial if you have additional questions. Simply write "Consult requested" in the COMMENT section of this form. Free consults are based on availability. 

I'd like the two-week trial.

Inside the course:

  • Unit 1: Prepare to Care Basics

  • Unit 2: Three Steps to Conquering Conversations

  • Unit 3: Promote Family Peace

  • Unit 4: Discussing & Documenting Healthcare Decisions

Click here to get a two-week trial.

Group Plans for Faith Communities

Buy it once. Host a group as often as you like.

Invite those inside and outside your congregation.

*Pricing is based on the average # of people you regularly serve in your company or community. 

Avg size (1-99 ppl)


  • perfect for¬†a small church
  • serve the needs of your church staff and congregation
  • meet a practical need for those outside your faith¬†community¬†

Avg size (100-299 ppl)


  • perfect for a medium-sized church
  • serve the needs of your¬†church and¬†congregation
  • meet a practical need for those outside your faith¬†community¬†

Avg size (300-999 ppl)


  • perfect for medium to large churches
  • serve the needs of your employees,¬†clients, congregation
  • meet a practical need for those outside your faith¬†community¬†

Avg size (1,000-4,999 ppl)


  • perfect for a large¬†faith community
  • serve the needs of your own people effectively
  • meet a practical need for those outside your faith¬†community¬†
  • quarterly¬†payment plan available upon request

Avg size (5,000-10,000 ppl)


  • perfect for a large faith¬†community
  • serve the needs of your own people efficiently and effectively¬†
  • meet a practical need for those outside your faith¬†community¬†
  • quarterly payment plan available upon request

Avg size (10,000+ ppl)

Contact for pricing

  • perfect for mega churches or faith communities¬†
  • serve the needs of your own people efficiently and effectively¬†
  • meet a practical need for those outside your faith¬†community¬†
  • quarterly payment plan available upon request

Be kind. Be generous. Be helpful. All at an affordable rate. 

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About the Creator of Prepare to Care:

I'm Isabel! I teach adult children + grandchildren how to care for their older loved ones respectfully and with dignity so they will have less stress, less family drama, and trauma in the long run.

Here are 5 things you should know about me:

  • I'm the author of The Value of Wrinkles: A Young Perspective on How Loving the Old Will Change Your Life. I speak, podcast, and basically do whatever it takes to help people value the older generation more!
  • I grew up in a multigenerational household with my Mama and Yeye (paternal grandparents in Cantonese). They took care of me when I was younger and I was blessed beyond measure to take part in caring for them until the passed at 98 and 102.  
  • Professionally, I've worked at Erickson Senior Living and Montgomery Hospice. Both experiences allowed me to love my elders more. I am so grateful to have learned from some of the most skilled and compassionate professionals.  
  • I am a PK (pastor's kid) and was blessed to have a dad who humbly loved his parents. His love for God and his family inspires me as I create, write, and speak.
  • I am an ABC (an American-born Chinese) and over the years have come to appreciate my heritage so much more (I also wish I paid more attention at Chinese school!).  
  • I am a wife, a mom of three young kids, and I am always learning and growing. 

To learn more about my work or to connect, visit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Disclaimer: While I am a healthcare professional, I am not a medical doctor. The content of this course does not constitute any professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The content of this course applies to caring for an older adult, yet may not pertain to every individual's situation. Always seek the advice of your loved one's medical provider regarding any questions or concerns you have about your loved one's specific health. This course contains educational and informational content, but is no substitute for personalized advice or treatment from a medical professional.