Make this summer FUN and SUPER special.

Join the 2024 Grandkid Investigator Summer Challenge 

June 14 to August 16th 

Join anytime! 

The Grandkid Investigator's mission:

To gather evidence about your grandparent/older friend through assigned operations given to you from the Grandkid Investigator team 

  • Ages¬†12 and under
  • Do missions independently with a grandparent (whether your grandparents live long distance or local!)
  • Get weekly encouragement and reminders from the Grandkid Investigator Division!
  • You can do missions with one grandparent or several. Grandparents don't have to be biological either!
  • Registration Cost: $20/family (yes!)

As seen on Good Morning Washington and NBC Washington News!

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Join the Summer Challenge

How it works 

When you join the challenge you'll get:

  • Access to our Grandkid Investigator Hub, a private, interactive, and communal forum out of social media where you can access missions assigned all summer.¬†

  • Done-for-you missions to help kids to engage w/grandparents¬†throughout the summer

  • Weekly videos and emails to help kids be an effective Grandkid Investigator all summer long!¬†

  • An invitation to in person events for grandparents, grandkids, and families to attend if you‚Äôre local to the DMV area.

In person events for Grandkid Investigators in the DMV

June 21 - Breakfast & Games at Chick-Fil-A (with free coffee for the grandparents)

July 6 - In person Launch Party at Church of Atonement, Silver Spring, MD. 

July 15 - Learn about the sport of rock climbing with us at Take Your Grandparent to the Climbing Gym Day with Movement Gym Rockville 

August 15 - Learn how to fix up an old bike with the Rockville Bike Hub!

August - Join us for our final celebration with a pizza party and icy treats thanks to Montcare!

...and more to come! 

*In person events are a perk for Challenge participants who live in the DMV!

Are you an older grandchild? 

Join our Grandkid Investigator Camp (Young Adult Edition) for grandchildren ages 18 and up!

  • July 9, 16, 23, and 30 (Summer 2024)
  • 8PM EST Virtual ( In-Person events open to you if you're local!)
Join our GKI Camp (Young Adult edition)

The 2024 Grandkid Investigator Summer Challenge is sponsored by Beyond Sticks.  

Beyond Sticks weaves character and leadership into field hockey empowering individuals to embrace a growth mindset, cultivating leadership through field hockey