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Learn practical ways to care for and honor your aging parent while they’re still healthy. 

The Prepare to Care digital course includes: 

  •  A framework that will help you prepare for the future that will minimize stress in the long run 

  • Insight so you know what tasks are TIME SENSITIVE and MOST IMPORTANT and must be focused on sooner rather than later.

  •  Advice on how to avoid family drama (and promote family peace!)

  • ...and so much more!

Grandkid Investigator Family Kit ($97)

Here's a fun way for grandkids to UNCOVER and learn more about their grandparents. 




What you'll get with the Grandkid Investigator Family Kit:

  • a year's worth of missions (12 operations) that will bring a new dynamic into your grandparent/grandkid relationship

  • Printable missions with guides on how to use them

  • A toolbox with acceptance letters, prize suggestions, mission plans, and guides so that grandparents and parents can both use the kit.

  • "Five Keys to Sparking Intergenerational Connection" video with Isabel Tom, author of The Value of Wrinkles: A Young Perspective on How Loving the Old Will Change Your Life 

  • LIVE Zoom SUPPORT offered EVERY month so you can ensure you get the MOST out of your kit!

  • ...and an opportunity to help children improve the social skills needed to connect with older adults (and anyone else!) 

  • Now there's a simple and fun way for grandkids to UNCOVER and learn more about their grandparents. Their life. Their story.

     ...and so much more! 


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Prepare to Care: What to Do While Your Aging Parent is Still Healthy (digital course)


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